The Movie С10 PassТ Starring Abhishek Bachchan: Release Date, Plot and More

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Indian cinema is set to witness another remarkable release in 2021.

Abhishek Bachchan’s movie ‘Dasvi’, also known as ’10 Pass’ or ’10 Vi’, is making waves across Bollywood for both its intriguing storyline and stellar cast. From the initial glimpses shared by Bachchan himself on his social media handles, it promises to be an eminent blend of drama and comedy.

The Movie С10 PassТ Starring Abhishek Bachchan: Release Date, Plot and More

About the Movie

Pegged as a political satire film, ’10 Pass’, directed by debutant Tushar Jalota, explores some serious topics in Indian politics albeit with a humorous touch which makes this feature intriguingly distinctive.

The script has been penned by Ritesh Shah and Sandeep Leyzell. As implied from its title, the film largely revolves around education, with a pivotal focus on the protagonistТs quest for learning and self-improvement despite challenging circumstances.

Release Details

In terms of the release details, there had been significant anticipation among fans about the Dashami date when we would see Abhishek return to screen.

It has been officially announced that shooting for the project commenced earlier in February 2021 though no exact premiere date has yet been communicated.

Casting Splendid Protagonists including “Abhishek Bachchan”

  • An essential factor contributing to the hype round this venture is undoubtedly its caste ensemble. Leading man Abhishek Bachchan takes on a never-seen-before avatar as Ganga Ram Chaudhary whose journey captures major chunks of comic drama and entertaining power-struggles. Even before its official release, AbhsihekТs first look in his Earthy character garnered immense attention.
  • Bachchan isnТt alone, however; he’s joined by starlets Nimrat Kaur playing Bimla Devi -a lady chief minister- who extends brilliant support while Yami Gautam imparts glamour into her strong-headed cop role.
  • Apart from these two commendably talented actresses sharing screen space with Mr.Bachchan Jr., talent-house actors such as Rajesh Sharma add further layers to DasviТs compelling narrative structure.

This portray-based ambitious story poses an inspiring example ahead advocating importance of education irrespective of age or social strata paving way proving itТs never too late to learn & advance towards enlightenment through knowledge enhancement.

The Movie С10 PassТ Starring Abhishek Bachchan: Release Date, Plot and More

Eager Anticipation

No doubt fans are fervently looking forward to watching this engaging experience unfold onto their screens soon enough.With engaging plot twists intertwined within educational backdrops layered with well-placed comic injections,’10-pass’ will certainly impress audiences catering unique entertainment roots!

Here’s eagerly waiting for announcement regarding much-awaited ‘Dasvi”s/ ’10 pass”s/ ‘Vi pass”s/ 10th ”release dates!

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