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European Roulette Rules

Description: Classic European Roulette Online is an opportunity to remember the traditional variant. Rules, strategies, and basic principles.

The history of European Roulette Online dates back to the 17th century when it first emerged in France. Initially, bets were placed on a number, color, or even/odd, and a coin was used instead of a ball. Later, in 1843, French mathematician Blaise Pascal designed the first corresponding roulette table, featuring 37 numbered slots in red and black on the wheel. This setup essentially established the foundational parameters and rules of European roulette that are still in use today: 37 numbers, two colors, bets on specific numbers, colors, even/odd, combinations, and the use of a metal ball to determine the random outcome as the wheel stops.

Play European Roulette Online - Free or for Real Money

Originally developed to test probability theory, the concept of roulette was later appreciated by those looking to profit from gambling excitement. Consequently, the roulette game concept was adapted and became more widely used to generate revenue. With the advent of the virtual casino era, new formats emerged, increasing the opportunity for platforms to experiment, introduce additional rounds, complicate the basics, and devise various ways to attract participants.



The core gameplay concept of roulette involves a blend of randomness and strategic player choice.

Players place bets on specific sectors or combinations thereof before the dealer spins the ball. A random draw then determines the winning numbers or colors when the ball comes to rest in one of the sectors. Players may attempt to predict the outcome using established principles of probability theory and statistics from previous draws. This combination of luck and logical analysis in betting adds a unique intrigue to roulette, allowing for the exploration of various strategies that impact the expected return.

Play European Roulette Online - Free or for Real Money

Occasionally, casinos introduce their own innovations, though this is quite rare. Typically, such new features can be first experienced in a demo format.


Betting Rules

The principles of the online game are well-known among most seasoned participants:

  1. The game is conducted at a roulette table featuring 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, along with red and black color sectors.
  2. The dealer spins the ball clockwise, opposite the direction of the wheel.
  3. Participants place their bets on one or more fields, a color, or a combination thereof before the casino announces the closure of bets.
  4. When the ball stops, the dealer determines the winning number/color and pays out the winnings.
  5. The payout equals the player’s bet multiplied by a coefficient that depends on the type of the bet.

Play European Roulette Online - Free or for Real Money

The primary distinction between European and American roulette lies in the number and arrangement of the numbers on the wheel: the European version features 37 numbers, from 0 to 36, arranged clockwise, while the American version includes an additional slot — 00, making a total of 38. This results in lower chances of winning on a specific number or color in the American version compared to the European one, as the extra slot increases the house edge.

Consequently, European roulette is considered more favorable for players because its principles minimize the expected long-term loss compared to the American version.

When opting for the European version, it is wise to employ a strategy based on mathematical expectation theory: betting on multiple sectors with equal probabilities can help minimize losses over the long term. For instance, placing bets on three adjacent numbers simultaneously provides a 1/3 chance of winning, but if lost, returns half of the stakes, hence resulting in zero expected loss.

This tactic not only enhances enjoyment during the thrilling game but also manages risk, preventing the loss of the entire bankroll. During a winning streak, the amount can be gradually increased. Such balanced betting options are the most optimal approach for European roulette wheel. However, players are always free to experiment and try new things.


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